Eligible Educational crieteria as per below:-
For Management Position:-Required Post Graduation in any stream
For Executive Position:-Required Graduation/Post Graduation in any stream
The goal is to attract the best talent for the job either from within or from
Outside. ACPL strives to tap talent through diverse innovative approaches
and aims to reach out to the best people for the job.
As per Vacancies show on website, you can apply to a specific job by sending your latest
CV to hr@acplcargo.com. Your resume/CV will remain in our database
You can submit your resume to HR Mail id- hr@acplcargo.com.
Once you submitted your application, if your profile match our job requirement we might contact you for interview.
Our recruiters do their best to review the candidate pool for open positions in a timely manner.
Yes, you can apply for more than one job at the same time if your qualification & skills match various job requirements.
You can keep yourself updated about job openings but for that you should refer or get in touch with ACPL website www.acplcargo.com
As the ACPL is rapidly growing, there are great opportunities for career advancement.
The ACPL is also offers the freedom to operate without fear.
We are following below six practices to help employees grow :-

We encourage the professional development

We give proper guidance in their development, as they will become future leaders of our organization.

Create development plan

We help our employees to establish goals that are aligned with their strengths, interest and experience, as well as with the overall business strategy. Establish goals and expectations to help them set their sights on career opportunities

Pair employees with mentors

Find someone who is in a similar role to the employee. Mentoring relationships can foster positive and productive working relationships, helping employees learn and gain encouragement and support in their careers. When coached with encouragement, our employees can help our business adapt to changes and reach the next level of success.

Help them build their networks

Recommend opportunities within the organization, as well as networking or professional groups that will help them build strong connections.

Challenge employees with assignments

Get our employees to leave their comfort zones. Employees can’t move forward if they don’t grow, and they can’t grow if they never leave their comfort zones.

Show employees you trust them

We want to help employees develop; trust them to do their jobs by getting out of the way. This not only lets employees know what they need to succeed and gives them greater ownership, but it also shows them that credibility and trust are important in your organization.
In this case, we strongly recommend you to send your CV in our databse. It should take you around 5 minutes. Thereafter, you will have the chance to receive all new opportunities within ACPL which match your interest. This is the ideal way to be informed on new opportunities at ACPL.
In any case, your resume/CV will remain in our database for up to 4 years and we might contact you during that time.